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Reflecting on our work at Blogpocket this past year, we are proud to have provided our followers with valuable information about WordPress and how to use this platform to create a website optimized for performance, security, SEO, and legality. Although WordPress has been around for two decades, the Gutenberg project has kept it in a favorable position. In the State of the Word This year, Matt Mullenweg, co-creator of WordPress, established the conjunction of the platform, artificial intelligence and fediverse as an exciting time that we will experience in the coming months.

At Blogpocket, we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time this year to AI and fediverse, which is reflected in our videos, tutorials, guides, and articles. We are delighted with the possibilities that AI offers and finally feel comfortable in a decentralized social network like Mastodon.

The year 2024 promises to be an interesting one, so make sure you stay tuned to our blog as we will continue to provide you with information and teach you everything you need to know about efficiently creating an optimized website without programming, quickly and easily.

And, below, we remember the most important thing we have done this year at Blogpocket.

January 2023 was our 22nd anniversary

On January 20, 2023 we published A 21 year old blog (+1), the commemorative ebook of Blogpocket’s 22nd anniversary. We thus celebrated the achievement of the two ducklings with a second edition (corrected and enlarged) of the book that we launched the previous year.

The newsletter moved to Substack

The crossroads of the Blogpocket newsletter, was finally resolved with a Substack newsletter. In its new home, we have published 37 newsletters from March 20, 2023 until the end of the year.

Our website was federated

After landing at Mastodon, at the end of last year; We hire the Masto Host hosting service to create our own instance (federate.blogpocket.com) and, thanks to the ActivityPub plugin, we configure Blogpocket.com to connect it to the fediverse.

Furthermore, a landing page was created with our Mastodon feed.

We created the English version of Blogpocket.com

With the post How to integrate WordPress and Mastodon, published on January 2, 2023, the English version of Blogpocket.com was launched. At social.blogpocket.com you will find a selection of the best posts published on Blogpocket.

We gave the app version of Blogpocket a good facelift

Thanks to the functions of the site edition, greatly improved throughout 2023, we were able to make a new presentation of the contents of Blogpocket.app.Blogpocket.app is the PWA version and Really Simple Syndication from Blogpocket.com.

We publish few FOCUS ON TODAY posts

FOCUS ON TODAY It was a section we started in September 2022, dedicated to productivity, minimalism and slow-blogging. Certainly, in 2023 we have abandoned it due to the need to address other trending topics, such as AI and fediverse. We were only able to publish 6 articles but in 2024 we intend to resume it.

We inaugurate the Wizardry Links section

On February 20, 2023 we started an experiment that has been very successful among our readers and followers: the section Wizardry Links. Actually, before moving it to Substack; The Blogpocket newsletter was based on a selection of links in the style of Wizardry Links. What we did was just continue with the weekly selection of links with news, tricks and ideas about WordPress, AI, fediverse and other topics (blogging, security, etc.), but taking it to a section of the blog.

We begin the Links in the rain section

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On November 4, 2023 we had the same idea with the links on AI, which we thought at that time deserved their own section. However, it didn’t have as much traction and we decided to include it again as a section in the weekly Wizardry Links post. Starting in December, we will explore the option of publishing the section as RSS Club posts; that is, only for subscribers of the feed RSS.

A new video podcast called “The Basement Videos” was released

For a while, a couple of years ago or more, I dedicated myself to publishing on Twitter (now called X) a series of short clips (no more than three minutes) with tips about WordPress, called “Blogpocketies”. Logically, the decline of the little bird’s social network forced me to abandon that initiative. However, this year I thought that all those videos could be useful and I created The basement videos, a new video podcast compiling all the blogpocketies but incorporating unpublished clips not only about WordPress but also about the topics of the moment: AI and fediverse. The first video was published on October 19, 2023.

More episodes of MADE WITH BLOCKS were made

In 2023 we have published 31 episodes of MADE WITH BLOCKS, a video podcast with the latest news, ideas and tricks about WordPress, launched on October 14, 2022. Naturally, AI and fediverse have also been incorporated as themes this year. MADE WITH BLOCKS is a critical and public success; so in 2024 we will continue with this channel.

Experimented with the automatic translation into English of the HECHO CON BLOCKS videos

With episode 38 we did an experiment, dubbing the episode into English, using the Amazon Polly tool, but the editing was very laborious. For this reason, we thought that HeyGen and its automatic translation, with lip synchronization and the use of AI to achieve a voice very similar to mine, could be a good idea. In this way, they can be found in social.blogpocket.com the last four episodes in English (from 42 to 45).

We started a special section dedicated to Fediverse

Logically, we also needed our own section for news about the fediverse. Many of the links could be found on Wizardry Links but we created a landing page called Feditopia with an experiment. We wanted to explore the possibilities of accessing, through PHP code, the RSS of some of the profiles followed on Mastodon and offer, on our blog, an organized feed with the most recent published in the fediverse. We did not get much interest in this tool so – given the consumption of resources it required – we simplified the page and now it only offers access to the Technical Guide (see a little below) and access to the FEDILINKS section.

The section FEDILINKS compiles a selection of the best links published on the fediverse.

We publish a bilingual Mastodon technical guide in PDF

The Mastodon Technical Guide It is an ebook divided into four parts, published in Spanish and English, and in PDF, epub and mobi formats. This is an introduction to the decentralized platform to which we fled after the debacle caused by Elon Musk.

We gave a mission to our (federated) WordPress.com blog

With the adoption, by WordPress.com, of the ActivityPub protocol, which allows federation – free and without restrictions – of any WordPress.com blog; We assign a mission to our site on that platform (acambronero.wordpress.com). And that mission is none other than to republish the contents of the Blogpocket newsletter in English. With the post Generative technology as a challenge We launched the WordPress.com federated blog on November 6, 2023. Like Blogpocket.com, this blog can be followed from any platform in the world.

We create a PlayGround page

Near the end of 2022, we created the PlayGround page for try WordPress without installing anything. The WordPress playground project was improved throughout 2023 and we had to make the corresponding modification to our page.

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We publish a getting started guide to ChatGPT

The ChatGPT boom woke us all up from our lethargy and was the starting signal for AI. At Blogpocket we have explored generative AI in depth and that is why it was published ChatGPT: Getting Started Guide, an introduction in PDF format (IG compatible) to the tool that is forever changing the way we generate content.

We launched a small RSS aggregator

In 2023 we also launched a RSS aggregator with some sources about WordPress. The page was made using exclusively the site editor (Gutenberg) and native blocks. And to facilitate the exploration of this type of pages, you can download the corresponding code.

We started the PDF compilations of the newsletter bulletins

Speaking WordPress responds to what many followers had asked me throughout 2023: a PDF compilation (IG compatible) of all the newsletter’s newsletters, corresponding to the new stage with Substack. Each issue includes three bulletins and a short, unpublished introduction.

We launch the Museum of artificial art

He artificial art museum It is a compilation of the images that we began to generate with AI for the blog. By 2024, we plan to relaunch the page incorporating the latest creations generated.

We recover in a PDF the articles published from 2002 to 2004 in the digital magazine “El Almacén”

In May 2002, Marcos Taracido invited me to participate in his Almacén (old archives of the “Notes Book”), where I was writing for two years (until June 2004), and later I continued collaborating in the From my pocket section, of the “Notebook”, over seven years (from October 2004 to August 2011), almost until the end of the digital magazine’s journey. Chronicles from the warehouse, is a PDF compilation of all the articles published in El Almacén and which we launched on December 5, 2023. In addition to downloading in PDF format (IG compatible), the book can be read in your online version.

We have promptly updated our infographic and playlist with all jazz musicians from WordPress versions

As of 2023 there have been three versions of WordPress under the aliases of jazz musicians Eric Dolphy, Lionel Hampton and Shirley Horn. In April, August and November, versions 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4 were released and we regularly update our infographic and playlist with all the jazz musicians from WordPress versions.

We optimize the website to belong to the 512K club

On November 14, 2023, we published the result of an experiment whose goal was to create a lightweight clone of the Blogpocket website whose pages weighed less than 512K. In it’s fasting, the steps to achieve a super performance-optimized WordPress site with performance-optimized pages and the mechanism to automatically copy entries without affecting the SEO of the original site were described.

Afterwards, the optimization process was repeated to optimize the Blogpocket website, changing the theme from Frost to Twenty-Twenty Four and achieving a noticeable reduction in page weight.

We enter the RSS club

On December 19, 2023, Dave Rupert was kind enough to let me know that Blogpocket was already listed on the Club RSS. Thus we became part of the “secret society.” The RSS Club is a collection of blogs (personal and otherwise) committed to solely providing content via RSS. It’s like a newsletter sent to your feed reader to celebrate the RSS medium and the break with social networks.

We launched WP A DAY, an AI-powered podcast, and explored building a prototype script automation system

But if I had to choose just one exciting project, carried out in 2023, I would choose WP A DAY, a podcast made with AI. The idea arose after learning about WP Briefs, as I said in the newsletter (An AI-Powered WordPress News Podcast). You can read the how it was made in the post I published on December 15. But roughly speaking, it uses a interaction with ChatGPT from PHP code and Amazon Polly to generate the audio from the automatically created script.

The Always Irrelevant blog went on hiatus

Always irrelevant It was my first experiment with AI, started in November 2022: a blog created entirely through AI (post texts, associated images, and even the title of the blog itself). In 2023 only one post was published but for 2024 we plan to relaunch the project, logically using the new AI tools available.

What’s in 2024?

summary-4-1024x1024 2023 Summary

In mid-January 2024 we plan to release the third edition of the Blogpocket commemorative book. This time, with a change of title and format. It will be called “Blogpocket, the madness of weblogs within one” and it already has a cover.

The format will be exclusively in PDF (compatible with IG) and with an online version. This third edition will have unpublished content and images generated by AI.

For the rest, we will continue with the usual sections, the video podcasts MADE WITH BLOCKS and The Basement Videos, the experimental project WP A DAY, and with new content with information, news, tricks and ideas about WordPress.

In the coming months, we are especially interested in the evolution of WordPress and its relationship with AI and the fediverse. So we will be attentive to these issues.

I remind you that to get started in Blogpocket, you can go to our welcome page, sign up for the newsletter, subscribe to feed RSS or consult the sections in the options menu.

Thank you for following us in 2023 and I wish you the best for 2024!

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