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  • I want a blog

    The call to action is for everyone to start or resume blogging, connecting with people and learning about their passions and concerns. Readers are encouraged to start their own blog as a gift to themselves. The publication encourages authenticity and self-expression and highlights the importance of sharing and listening to all voices.

  • 2023 Summary

    2023 Summary

    Blogpocket is proud to provide valuable information on creating optimized websites on WordPress. As a look at 2023, Blogpocket has been focusing on topics like artificial intelligence and fediverse, and expects the combination of WordPress, AI, and fediverse to be exciting in the coming months. In the future, Blogpocket will continue to provide information and…

  • The first reference that exists in the WayBack Machine of Blogpocket made with WordPress

    As part of the FromBlogsToBlocks campaign, a celebration of the 20th anniversary of WordPress #WP20, we have found the first reference of this blog made with WordPress in the WayBack Machine.

  • An online notebook

    This is the story of why I created Blogpocket and how I got into the blogosphere almost 23 years ago.