How to create impactful text summaries with AssemblyAI Playground

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c920e5ba-8379-4981-a5f8-9c3210f897e4 How to create impactful text summaries with AssemblyAI Playground

Do you want to create impactful and captivating text summaries? There is a very interesting tool called AssemblyAI with a free option that will not leave you indifferent. It is called AssemblyAI Playground and as of today it is free.

AssemblyAI Playground’s main mission is to create transcripts of any audio. But with the advantage that once you have the transcript, you can ask questions about it, which can be used to create summaries of all kinds.

In all my tests with AssemblyAI I have achieved very good and high quality results, both in accuracy and writing. Without a doubt, it is one of the best AI tools I have explored.

Let’s do it!

Get an audio file

The first step, therefore, is to obtain an audio file of the article. For example, let’s say we want to summarize the last article we wrote.

An easy way to get a quality audio file is to use Amazon Polly (you can sign up and use it for free for a year). Another is HeyGen (paid). Or, simply record an mp3 by playing it.

Captura-de-pantalla-2024-04-05-a-las-19.39.31-1024x699 How to create impactful text summaries with AssemblyAI Playground

If your text is less than 3,000 characters long, you don’t even need to use the S3 repository. Listen to and download the mp3 file. In the Amazon Polly interface, you can choose the engine (“Natural” produces a spectacular result), the language, and the voice (see figure above).

Get the transcript

Regardless of how you created the audio (the easiest is to record yourself reading the article with Audacity ), the next step is to head over to AssemblyAI PlayGround to generate the transcript.

Captura-de-pantalla-2024-04-05-a-las-19.43.09-1024x647 How to create impactful text summaries with AssemblyAI Playground

Simply upload the file in “Upload your file” (see image above).

When you see the message “You are ready to transcribe.”, press the “Transcribe file” button.

Talk to AssemblyAI

Captura-de-pantalla-2024-04-05-a-las-19.46.34-1024x657 How to create impactful text summaries with AssemblyAI Playground

Once the transcript is ready, you can chat with AssemblyAI by typing your prompts in the box at the bottom, in the right column.

You have three sample requests above the chat box. For example, you could say: “In a couple sentences, what is this transcript about?”

Another predefined prompt is “Summarize key points from this transcript in 5 bullets.”

Or «Generate a set of action items from this transcript.»

But, in addition to these predetermined prompts, you can ask any questions. For example, “Give me the main keywords in this transcript.” You can ask in both Spanish and English.


81b325ab-ab29-4568-8039-26f9bf6ebfe8 How to create impactful text summaries with AssemblyAI Playground

In this post we have provided you with a trick to get impactful and effective text summaries of your articles, using the audio of the article. The application used was AssemblyAI Playground.

If you explore this system, you will realize its enormous potential.

The images in this post, which are not screenshots, were generated using Copilot’s AI with the prompt: “Hyperrealistic photo showing a robot dictating a speech to a human. The human writes the robot’s dictation on a piece of paper. The scene is futuristic and reflects an optimistic atmosphere.”

At Blogpocket, we believe in ethical and responsible use of AI

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