MADE WITH BLOCKS #38: WP A DAY, ActivityPub 1.0, RSS CLUB; and more

Today we have an episode full of news and interesting projects.
I am Antonio Cambronero and this is MADE WITH BLOCKS.

We started with a very exciting project, WP A DAY, which we have been developing these weeks ago. It involves generating audio content from RSS files, to create a podcast on WordPress, using artificial intelligence. To do this, we have used some tools, specifically Amazon Polly and the API de OpenAI from an application coded in PHP. In episode 3 we took a twist and created a video from the original audio, with spectacular results.

[Welcome to another exciting episode of “WP A DAY”, your daily source of fresh news on everything related to the amazing world of WordPress! Today is Monday, August 28, 2023.
In a recent article written by Sarah Gooding on WP Tavern, we are presented with an exciting preview of what to expect from the next version of WordPress, 6.4!]

To create this video, we used a tool that is accessible from called D-ID AI Presenters, and as we have just seen, it achieves spectacular effects.

I’ll show you another impressive AI-generated example below. It was about getting an English translation of the audio but with a tool who also lip synchronizes with what is being heard. Let’s see it!

Incredible true? Artificial intelligence is opening new frontiers in content creation with WordPress. If you want to know more about WP A DAY, be sure to visit our website,, where you can get more details and additional demos. You can subscribe to the WP A DAY podcast, both on the blog and on Spotify.

On another note, last week we had the exciting launch of the WordPress plugin ActivityPub version 1.0. ActivityPub is the technology behind the interconnection of social networks, blogs and the diverse world. Now, with version 1.0 of the plugin, stability and functionality are assured. Among the new features of this version, in addition to an optimization in operation, the inclusion of two blocks stands out:one, which allows you to show the option to follow your blog on the fediverso. And another to explore the list of your blog followers.

A fascinating perspective! It seems that interconnection in the fediverse It gets even more exciting with ActivityPub 1.0.

Now, changing the subject, we have something mysterious to share: the Club RSS. Its first rule is that you cannot talk about what the RSS Club is. But… what is the RSS Club? Why is it so enigmatic?

I can only say that the RSS Club is a secret place where RSS feed and classic blogging enthusiasts come together to discuss fascinating topics about the world of blogging, share tips and learn from each other. It is an exclusive and exciting place that is definitely worth exploring.

Last but not least, we will talk about the latest WordPress update: version 6.3. We have not had the opportunity to talk about the features of this new version here, due to the holiday break suffered in Europe, but I refer you to the blog where over the last few months we have been publishing all the information with news, guides and video tutorials. In this episode, we want to remind you of the infographic we created that links famous jazz musicians to WordPress versions. An infographic that you can download this post by Blogpocket And yes, we have also created the corresponding playlist, updated to this version 6.3 of WordPress, nicknamed “Lionel”!

And, as always, Lisa Simpson brings us the inspiring quote of the week. Let’s listen to it!

[Recognize that you failed, learn the lessons from it, and use it to your advantage to ensure it never happens again.]

That’s all for this episode of MADE WITH BLOCKS. Today we have seen the powerful combination of artificial intelligence and WordPress, celebrated the launch of the ActivityPub 1.0 plugin, unraveled the mysterious RSS Club and reminded you of the infographic with all the jazz musicians of the WordPress versions that we maintain on Blogpocket and their corresponding list Of reproduction.

If you liked this episode, don’t forget to subscribe, like and share it. We would also love to hear your opinions, ideas and suggestions. The next episode will be dedicated entirely to AI and WordPress.

Antonio Cambronero spoke to you delightedly as always, cordial greetings, see you in the next episode of MADE WITH BLOCKS.

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