MADE WITH BLOCKS #42: WordPress 6.4 Source of Truth, The fediverse embraces, Gutenberg 16.8, The magical AI studio in Canva; and much more

Content of episode 42 of the video podcast MADE WITH BLOCKS:

Minutes and transcription:

00:00 – I welcome you to this video podcast where we will discuss interesting topics. A new season begins. I am Antonio Cambronero and this is MADE WITH BLOCKS.

00:14 – At the time of editing this video we already have it available WordPress 6.4 beta 4. In this article You will be able to find all the information about this version, which is the authoritative source of truth for WordPress 6.4.

00:29 – The fediverse embraces You now have the possibility to connect to decentralized platforms that work with the ActivityPub protocol. Simply navigate to settings, comments and activate this option to be able to enter the fediverse.

00:47 – The latest version of Gutenberg plugin It already includes the ability to manage the font library. To achieve this you only need to go to Styles and in typography you will be able to see all the installed fonts. To modify the font, simply navigate to the typography section in Global Styles. However, you also have the option to do it individually for each block. As an illustration, navigate to the text element and choose one of the installed fonts. For example, here we have the cheeseburger installed and what we do is change it to IBM Plex Mono.

01:25 – It is the application that we have used for a long time at Blogpocket to create designs. The designs associated with our blog. We have considered it the Ideal tool because it turns those of us who are not designers into designers and now they have introduced artificial intelligence tools. They call it the magical study and, for example, we can convert texts into others, transform them, reduce them, summarize them, etc. and also of course create images and videos. For example, this text could be transformed by clicking on it, the button with the magic writing option emerges and if we click there we can select, for example, the option to make the text nicer.

02:11 – And attention to a new section that we have inaugurated this week on Blogpocket. The basement videos. Here you are witnessing a glimpse of what it looks like. You have the possibility to access it in the video podcast section of Blogpocket and the content that we are collecting in this video section are the old Blogpocketies clips. These clips were very short clips or videos in which we share valuable WordPress tips in less of two minutes.

02:45 – In the episodes of Made with Blocks, we help you understand and manage better ChatGPT providing you with models of instructions or indications that can be very useful to you. For example, this week we are providing a book summary. Chat GPT knows the content of books and well, that’s really wonderful and as an example, with this particular model you can summarize books and acquire lists of the most important points. For example, using this prompt provides me with a list of the most important points from the book The Purple Cow by Seth Goden. Let’s look at the information provided by ChatGPT after composing this message, we proceed to click and here we can see a concise overview of the Purple Cow. Concept discussed in Seth Godin’s book along with the 10 key points agreed upon. The Purple Cow is a book written by Seth Goden that focuses on the importance of differentiation and originality in business marketing, etc., etc. And then a series of points you can make for any book.

04:06 – And that’s all for today. If you enjoyed this episode, feel free to subscribe to the canal RSS de Blogpocket, activates the bell on YouTube so as not to miss anything while we upload the video there 10 days later. Antonio Cambronero spoke to you, delighted as always. Kind regards. See you in an upcoming episode of Made with Blocks.

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