MADE WITH BLOCKS #43: The State of The Word Madrid 2023; WordPress 6.4 on November 7;; and much more

Minutes and transcription:

00:00 – In the next 5 minutes I will share the latest news, tricks and ideas about WordPress, fediverso and artificial intelligence. I am Antonio Cambronero and this is MADE WITH BLOCKS.

00:16 – Take note of this date: December 11, 2023. That day will be celebrated The State of the Word, the annual keynote address by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress.

00:32 – However, there is another date that is closer on the calendar, which is November 7, 2023. That day the WordPress version 6.4. This version brings some interesting new features, so it is important to pay attention to Basement Videos where we will show some of those new features; However, there are some features that could not be included in version 6.4 and have been postponed to version 6.5 and that is why James Marsland is feeling pretty sad.

01:06 – And hold on tight because what comes next is simply exciting. Imagine that on the WordPress desktop you had a new widget called “notes”. In this example what we have done is add an image. How have we implemented it? Very easy: we have gone to the tool CodeWP which helps you code in PHP, or any other language, but all oriented to WordPress. You simply have a chat here on the right, very similar to what we do at ChatGPT, and this code is generated. CodeWP, which has a limited free plan, wrote the code for us, then naturally we went to test it and were able to verify that everything works perfectly. Although, naturally, you should know how to code to verify, review the test, make sure there are no errors, and even continue to interact in that chat in CodeWP to tell it to improve the code, make changes, etc., etc.

02:19 – Another useful artificial intelligence tool is provided by Vimeo. What is your function? Possess a teleprompter while recording a screencast for an enhanced presentation as an illustration. All we have to do is simply ask him for help. In the process of generating the script for us as an illustration, I may ask you to create a video explaining what WordPress is. I will tell you to generate the script and Vimeo will document everything I can say while I present the video and provide a comprehensive understanding of what WordPress is all about and I can open the teleprompter effortlessly as you can see here to make it more comfortable for me to read the text and make it easier the recording process of this video.

03:05 – And another amazing tool is Hey Gen, with which we have already automatically translated issue 42 of HECHO CON BLOCKS into English, taking advantage of artificial intelligence. We moved forward with the idea of ​​using this tool to translate the videos into English and explore its potential to achieve effective results.

03:27 – To conclude, this week’s prompt is more of a super prompt (or metaprompt). The purpose is to ask ChatGPT Write the prompt to generate an image in Bing as an illustration. We have the ability to tell it to generate an image to use as an introduction. in a promotional video and so on, this was related to blogger media; and what ChatGPT does is generate the prompt.

Afterwards, all I need to do is navigate to and use the power of Dall-E 3 technology to generate the desired image effortlessly. I just have to type the prompt that ChatGPT has created for me, click create, put it here in Create and I will get the images.

04:43 – And that’s all for today. Antonio Cambronero spoke to you, delighted as always. See you in an upcoming MADE WITH BLOCKS video. Kind regards.

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