WP A DAY #23: Automattic AI Policies; Automattic faces criticism for its AI access policy; New features in WordPress 6.5; and more…

WP A DAY is a podcast of the latest WordPress news, tips and insights, powered by AI.

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We welcome you to a new chapter of WP A DAY, your podcast to keep you up to date with the latest news about WordPress! This is Lucia, the voice generated by Amazon Polly’s Artificial Intelligence. Today is March 1, 2024. The script for this podcast has been created automatically by a ChatGPT Plus custom chatbot (GPT), using information from various sources specialized in WordPress.

First of all, WordPress.org reveals its ambitious plan for 2024, focused on data release. This plan seeks to empower users by providing them with unprecedented control over their data, marking a milestone in transparency and access to information.

Besides, Automattic faces criticism for its artificial intelligence access policy. The controversy arises after unconfirmed reports that Tumblr and WordPress.com user content was being sold to AI companies, although Automattic has quickly responded by offering options for users to opt out of the sharing of their data.

Then a new alliance between Tumblr and WordPress to sell user data to train AI tools has been reported. This movement has generated an intense debate about privacy and data control in the digital age.

Continuing with the theme, the last 15 years have seen significant changes in the plugin business, with an evolution towards more sustainable business models and the growing importance of user experience??.

Additionally, Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, is exploring the use of AI in your services, reflecting the increasing integration of advanced technologies into the WordPress ecosystem??.

Finally, they anticipate new features in WordPress 6.5, including improvements to the user interface and editing experience, underscoring WordPress’ continued commitment to innovation and ease of use??.

This episode of WP A DAY, automated by artificial intelligence, but built by a human, has taken us through the latest innovations and reflections within the WordPress community. This week, the big news has been: WordPress.org plans to release data to empower users. Automattic faces criticism for its AI policy but offers privacy options. An alliance between Tumblr and WordPress is reported to sell data for AI. The plugin business has evolved towards sustainable models. Automattic explores the use of AI at WordPress.com. WordPress 6.5 will bring improvements to the interface and editing experience.

Thanks for tuning into WP A DAY. We hope you found this episode useful and informative. Until next time!

Note: Due to content restrictions, the summaries provided are interpretations based on the original articles and not direct quotes. For more details, it is recommended to visit the links provided.

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