GPT-4: What it is, how it works and how you can create your own chat

This article introduces ChatGPT Plus, an artificial intelligence-based application that uses the GPT-4 generative language model, launched in March 2023. It explains how it works, reviews how custom chatbots work, and explores its interface.

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CHATGPT-PLUS-ROBOT-TRABAJANDO-1 GPT-4: What it is, how it works and how you can create your own chat
Image generated in Bing with the prompt: “A realistic image of a humanoid robot working in his workshop with a wrench in his hand. The stage is bright and there is a large window from which you can see a futuristic urban landscape.

In November 2022, the OpenAI company launched ChatGPT, an application based on a large language model that put the whole world on alert, faced with such an advanced system of generative artificial intelligence.

GPT (Pre-trained generative transformer), known by its acronym in English, is a language model that uses deep learning to produce texts that simulate human writing. This model already has several generations (or versions), the most modern being 4, launched on March 14, 2023.

Currently, the free version of ChatGPT works with GPT-3.5 and the paid one, called Chat GPT Plus, with GPT 4.

GPT-4 main features

GPT-4 provides some features that previous versions do not have. As they are:

  • Image analysis. The user can upload an image and ask ChatGPT to provide details of it or answer any questions about it. ChatGPT does not have the ability to generate images but uses its integration with GIVE HER to do it. This ability to function; using text and images as questions, it is called “multimodal.”
  • Internet access. Similarly, ChatGPT Plus (GPT-4) uses Bing to access the Internet and create responses based on specific searches or readings of URLs.
  • Creation of GPTs. One of the unique features of GPT-4 is the ability to create your own chatbots, whose final result has the same interaction style that you have with ChatGPT; that is, a dialogue using natural language through text prompts (indications, instructions, questions, etc.). These chatbots have been called, of course, GPTs; and can be public, accessible via link or private.

How GPT-4 works

Beginner users, especially, need to keep two issues in mind:

  • ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence is not “real”. There are no robots or anything like that inside. The generative artificial intelligence behind it is only an immense amount of data with which the system has been trained. And, broadly speaking, when faced with a question or “prompt”, what ChatGPT does is search – within that infinite set of data – for a response pattern that corresponds to the input indications. Therefore, to achieve a good output, the instructions must be crafted well and that is where “prompt engineers” are emerging, since the whole trick of ChatGPT is to craft the right multimodal prompts.
  • ChatGPT does not reason. On top of that, ChatGPT has no ability to reason. Let’s say it is an artificial intelligence that is not at all intelligent. Therefore, in many cases erroneous, uncertain or outright false results can be obtained. They are so-called “hallucinations” that could include certain social biases. That is why it is so important to use ChatGPT and any AI model responsibly and taking into account its advantages and limitations.

How can I test GPT-4?

GPT-4 can be tried with the paid version (ChatGPT Plus) for $20 per month. It’s a bit pricey but worth it if your goal is to dig deeper into exclusive features like creating GPTs.

If you have an OpenAI user, you just have to update your plan.

If you don’t have a user, register and you will have free access to GPT-3.5.

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What is a custom GPT or ChatGPT?

As we have seen, one of the new features of GPT-4 is the possibility of creating your own personalized ChatGPTs or also called GPTs.

A GPT is the name OpenAI has given to custom ChatGPTs.

GPTs are a new way for anyone to create a customized version of ChatGPT to make it more useful in their daily life, for specific tasks, at work or at home, and then share that creation with others. For example, GPTs can help you learn the rules of any board game, teach your children math or design stickers .

Anyone can easily create their own GPT; no coding required. You can make them for yourself, only for internal use of your company or for everyone. Creating one is as easy as starting a conversation, giving it additional instructions and knowledge, and choosing what it can do, like search the web, create images, or analyze data. try it on .

Introducing GPT

Basic operation of a GPT (for example the script generator for the WP A DAY podcast)

WP A DAY is a podcast made with AI that we have developed at Blogpocket. Version 1 operated ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) using the OpenAI API, within an application coded in PHP language to automatically obtain script text. The text then served as input into Amazon Polly in order to create the audio of the podcast.

The entry of said version 1 was composed of a set of RSS files, since GPT-3.5 does not have Internet access. The developed application read the RSS files to extract the content of the article and pass it to ChatGPT so that it could generate the summary.

However, GPT 4 has Internet access so everything now boils down to creating a GPT for private use with the ability to directly create script text. To do this, in the entry prompt you must provide the URLs of the articles to be included in the episode.

With this, we save coding (and its maintenance) and, above all, we obtain an optimized system and a much more consistent result.

Below is the “ScriptPod” GPT interface I created, as an example of what can be done in ChatGPT Plus.

GPT-1-2048x1273-1-1024x637 GPT-4: What it is, how it works and how you can create your own chat

Above the prompt area, there are four examples for the user on how to start the conversation. These indications can be configured manually.

Once the language of the script and the URLs of the articles that will be part of the episode are provided, the GPT “ScriptPod” will write the text ready to copy to the clipboard.

All GPTs have, basically, the same interface scheme that actually corresponds to the ChatGPT interface (see illustrative graphic a little later).

Productivity notes

The following graph represents the time I spent developing the WP A DAY app; first by coding in PHP without help from AI, then by programming with the help of AI (ChatGPT), and finally without coding by creating a GPT.

PRODUCTIVIDAD-IA-1024x1024 GPT-4: What it is, how it works and how you can create your own chat

The image of the robot used in this graphic was obtained from Bing with the following prompt: “A vintage-style drawing of a robot working with a wrench in its hand.”

GPT Store

As can be read in this information page, OpenAI and ChatGPT Plus users have already created over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT. Many builders have shared their GPTs for others to use and the GPT Store can be browsed for ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise plan users to find useful and popular GPTs. Visit to explore.

A GPT builder income program will be launched in the first quarter of 2024. As a first step, US builders will be paid based on user interaction with their GPTs. Details on payment criteria will be provided as the release date arrives.

Notes about the GPT store

The idea of ​​being able to create your own GPTs is good. What is not clear is how useful the use of a custom ChatGPT made by someone else can be, when you can create it yourself. Furthermore, the most interesting GPTs are those created by companies like Canva and if you do not have a user you will not have the opportunity to use them fully.

On the other hand, the existence of millions of GPTs implies a bit of chaos that will be resolved, I suppose, with trends, votes, ads, likes or any method that I doubt will be effective. However, a thorough exploration of the store can inspire you to create your own GPTs.

Exploring the ChatGPT Plus interface

Below, as an introduction for beginners, a graphic with the ChatGPT Plus interface, indicating what each option is for.

CHATGPT-PLUS-INTERFAZ-2 GPT-4: What it is, how it works and how you can create your own chat

Security problem?

On X, user @_Borriss_ uncovered a possible security problem with public GPTs that he describes, along with his solution, in the following tweet.


In this article, an introduction to ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model has been made for beginner users, primarily.
The function of creating GPTs (custom ChatGPTs) and an outline of the ChatGPT Plus interface have been highlighted.

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